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Clarity Copiers (High Wycombe branch) always provide the best service to our Solicitors firm. The staff are helpful and informative. Call out times are so quick. We couldn't recommend them more
Booker Tate is a small professional services and consultancy agribusiness company located in Thame, Oxfordshire.We currently own 2 MFDs supplied by Clarity:1) Sharp MX-2314N2) Ricoh MPC 5000The service from Clarity is very good. When toner is needed it is here within 2 to 3 days of ordering. If a service is needed it is dealt with within 2 days and on some occasions the same day.The machines work well although the quality of the Ricoh is better than the Sharp and there are more functions available on the Ricoh.We have always found the staff to be friendly and they always explain what is the problem as they fix the more
1st class service from ordering, through to installation and ongoing support and maintenance. We are an academy of schools in Bucks and have replaced dozens of old legacy printers with 3 Sharp MX2640 and 1 Sharp MX4140 leased multifunction photocopier/printers, utilising PaperCut software. Clarity has made our previously nightmarish printing environment a pleasure to manage and more
We purchased a Ricoh MPC-2003SP photocopier from Clarity Copiers in August 2014 and we haven't had any problems since then. Our Account Manager Jamie Lane provided an exceptional service and was always extremely helpful.You won't get any pushy calls from them, they just get on the job and offer the best possible solution.I highly recommend Clarity Copiers whether you are thinking to lease or purchase their equipment - you won't be dissapointed!RitaHansa HydrocarbonsLondonread more
Based in High Wycombe we chose Clarity to supply our photocopier after seeking their advice we purchased a Sharp MX-2640. Their installation and follow-up service have been great, would recommend. They made the whole process a pleasure and have been at the end of the phone for any follow up questions so the good service more
We are a PCO hire company in London and purchased a Sharp multifunction printer from Clarity Copiers. The service I have received from the initial enquiry through to our on going service plan has been more
I started up a brand new business in Luton and I was looking for a Photocopier! I looked everywhere with no luck and I then found Clarity Copiers! Simon who called me and talked through each individual machine.Even though we have no money in our account Simon took this into account and allowed purchase the machine and allowed us to cover the cost of the machine in 2 months!We finally brought a Sharp MX-2310U! A wonderful machine that does everything and anytime I had problems, Clarity Copiers were there at hand right away! Simon who has some serious knowledge about these machines used to talk me through the problems and fix them while being miles away!We purchased the machine outright with a service contract on the advice of Simon! Before we purchased the machine we received quotes double and even triple from other companies!Maintenance is just a call away and requesting ink from Abby from Clarity is as easy as ordering pizza! just a quick email and within minutes a response is received saying its been dispatched.I have recommended Clarity and Introduced Simon to 2 other businesses in Luton who have benefited from the services provided by Clarity Copiers and Simon! So far they love machines they have purchased and have no complaints!In a nutshell, Clarity Copiers is a great company to work with! They will look at your company needs and actually sell you machine that's appropriate for your business needs!Thank you for a wonderful 4 years so far!read more
We are on photocopier number two with these guys. the first one in our Oxford Office get a totally thrashing and is still going strong. the second one is great too.very good service, the ink is surprisingly reasonable and they can explain all the technical side in the words a layman can understand.I recommend.Ursula Rice - Director. Family First more
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Photocopier Frequently, Asked Questions

Digital copiers read the original using a CCD unit, which converts the optical data into an electronic form. It’s then processed to ensure optimum copy quality before a laser writes this information onto the photoconductor. This is a similar process to the way Laser printers work. Analogue copiers use a series of mirrors and lens to direct the light reflected from the original to the photoconductor’s surface to create the image.

In Digital Copiers the original is scanned once and the digital image is placed into memory. It is then printed out as many times as required. This is faster than Analogue copiers, as these need to scan the original once for every copy made. Therefore 20 copies would require 20 scans. This can cause different levels of copy quality across multiple copies. Digitals do not suffer from this as each original is scanned only once and the image stored in memory is used again and again to produce the required number of copies.

Double sided output, so both sides of the sheet are printed on.

Sorts copies into sets. 10 originals copied 10 times using sort would give 10 identical sets.

Basically the opposite to Sort. Copies are grouped together. 10 originals copied 10 times using group would give all page number 1’s together, all page number 2’s together etc.

Side tray on most machines. Allows the loading of heavier paper or card stock than the cassettes. Designed also as a quick access tray to save opening the main cassettes to load just a few different sheets of paper or card stock.

Gets around the limitation of the ADF’s original capacity by allowing more originals to be added once the initial batch has been scanned.

Automatic Document Feeder. Sheet feeder on top of the machine that allows several, usually up to 50 or 100 sheets, to be loaded and automatically fed in scanned and returned by the feeder.

Large Capacity Cassette or Tray. Holds a larger amount of paper stock than a normal tray. 1000 to 3000 sheet LCC/LCT are commonplace depending upon model of machine.

Basically everything white on the original is printed as black and visa versa.

Shifts the image over by an adjustable amount. With modern digital machines the margin shift can be from any side of the page whereas with the older analogue type machines it tends to be just from the lead edge towards the trail edge of the document.

When copying an A3 sized book or magazine from the platen glass the original is scanned half way and one copy is produced then the second half of the original is scanned and that copy is produced. It’s designed to counteract the spine mark that appears while copying books or magazines that can’t lie flat on the glass. Can also be combined with Edge Erase & Centre Erase.

Deletes an adjustable border of usually 10mm around the whole page, and also in the centre if required, to give a clean appearance to the output. Useful for removing fax headers while copying faxes.

Independent X Y zoom allows the X-axis and the Y-axis to be enlarged or reduce independently of each other.